FDW Talks

Due to the differences in lifestyle, religion and cultural background, it is easy to have misunderstanding between Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) and Employer.

Few Tips for Employer:

1. Basic Treatment

1) Adequate food.
2) Enough sleep.
3) Allow FDW to maintain contact with her family.

2. Allow Adaptation Period

1) Adaptation period of 3 to 6 months, allowing the FDW to learn step by step.
2) Help her to adjust to working in your household (e.g. use of electrical appliances).
3) Help her to adjust to the Singapore pace of life and work (reduce homesickness).

3. Manage Expectations

1) Write-up Work Schedules especially in early stages of her employment.
2) Give Clear Instructions. Require her to take Notes. For more complex tasks,
explain and demonstrate.
3) Set House Rules (e.g. handphone use and rest day timing).

4. Good Working Relationship

1) Open communication. Assure her that she can approach you for help.
2) Be Patient. Don’t make Assumptions to avoid conflicts.
3) Reward & Recognition to motivate her.

5. Difficulties in communication

1) Although the FDW has received language training before arrived in Singapore, English and Mandarin are not her mother language.
2) FDW to learn common English or Mandarin terms and phrases.
3) Employer to learn some important phrases in FDW’s native language.
4) Download Smartphone App for Translation.

6. What to do if FDW pretend to understand or do not understand and do not ask?

For fear of being scolded by Employer, FDW may pretend to understand even though they do not understand. Employer can teach patiently and also do personal demonstrations. Employer can observe and ask the FDW to repeat doing it until fully master it.

Myanmar Indonesia Philippines
1. Education Secondary Secondary High School to University
2. Language Burmese Bahasa Indonesian Tagalog/English
3. Ability Low ability to learn English Low ability to learn English Speaks English well
4. Religion Buddhist 87%  Christian 7%  Others 6% Muslim 87%  Christian 10%  Others 3% Christian 92%  Others 8%
5. Diet Eat & Handle pork Halal diet. Handle pork Eat & Handle pork
6. Personality Introvert  Introvert Extrovert
7. Strengths Elderlycare/Childcare Infantcare/Childcare/Elderlycare Infantcare/Childcare/Elderlycare
8. Handphone Use at night Use at night Use at night
9. Rest Day/Mth can nego  (1 to 2 days) can nego  (1 to 2 days) can nego  (1 to 4 days)
10. Process time 2 to 3 wks 4 to 8 wks 6 to 10 wks