Employer Guide

Before Hiring a Helper FDW (Foreign Domestic Worker)
  • FDW Costs
  • Salary & Levy
  • Food & Medical
  • Air ticket home &
  • Other unexpected expenses
  • Other Costs
  • Employment Agency & Admin
  • Insurance & Security Bond
  • MOM Application & Issue
  • Settling-In Program (SIP) for FIRST TIME FDW
  • Proper Accommodation
  • Communication, Training & Guidance

Applying to Employ a Helper FDW

  • Attend Employers' Orientation Program (EOP) for FIRST TIME Employer
  • Select the Right Employment Agency
  • Services rendered and Breakdown of fees
  • Number of Replacement and associated fees
  • Select the Right Helper FDW
  • Standard Biodata & Employment History
  • Interview (face-to-face, video or phone)
  • Service Agreement with Employment Agency

Knowing your Responsibilities as an Employer

  • Employment Contract with FDW
  • Safety Agreement
  • Every 6 months Medical Examination
  • Safe working environment
  • Rest Days
  • Salary & Levy: Open Bank Account for FDW Salary. GIRO Application for Levy payment.
  • Overall Well Being (Food & Medical, Proper Accommodation)
  • Pay FDW an air ticket to the international airport in her home country, nearest to her hometown. Pay the associated costs of sending her home, including her airport transfer and check-in luggage.