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TRUSTED - We appreciate the professionalism of CHAMP and the customer service too. Fully understand our unique needs. We’ve worked with CHAMP for the last 10yrs from my childcare to my parents’ elderly care needs.
- Sam TAN
COMMITTED - I can’t say enough about the staff of CHAMP. Service is absolutely best. Prompt, Professional and always Proactive. Experts at CHAMP take care of my needs so I can take care my family.
- Esther OH
PARTNERSHIP - When it comes to selecting a household helper, there are lots of agent that just give a good talk and load you with plenty of biodata. But Sallina helps us to select and evaluate. Engaging experience with lots of sharing & coaching.
- Jade LIM
SAVES TIME & MONEY - CHAMP is truly amazing service with reasonable prices and believe it or not, really provides a problem solving platform. Very impressive advises and supports from Fiona.
- Lucy LAI
PEACE OF MIND - Choosing a helper is a daunting task for us. We didn’t know where to begin or what questions to ask or how to interview the potential helper. Fiona did everything. The best part is I completely trust her team representing us.
- Angela LIM
ALWAYS THERE - I’m continually pleased with CHAMP. Will definitely continue to use their service.
- Alan GOH